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The Old Dog


Bringing a Puppy home to join your family is one of the best feelings in the world. Getting through the puppy and teenage stage can be challenging then they become a part of your family. Your dog sits in between your kids in the car, they play and hang out with them, they give you the best cuddles and have fab walks and adventures together. I wouldn't swap this for the world and I will always have a dog in my life.

Last year I lost my Charlie my loyal Border Terrier who was always by my side. One day they are no longer the young active dog they have become old. Old dogs have their own challenges, they can become deaf, weaker bladders, get dementia and you have to adapt your day, walks and your house. It's now your turn to give the dog that has been by your side throughout their life the retirement they deserve.

Losing Charlie was one of the hardest times myself and my family have been through, Charlie was family and we miss her so much. Not everyone will understand how you feel but how can you not be affected by someone who lived by your side who greeted you daily for 16 years.

As a business we help clients mainly with young dogs and help them become part of the family. But there will be a time when they become old and you need to give them the support they deserve. When they do pass away it is ok to Grieve and like losing anyone grieving will come in waves and you cling onto the memories you created together.

To me having a dog as part of the household completes our family. I feel so lucky to have had my time with Charlie and now doing all over again with Chester. Charlie has taught him well. To me dogs are awesome and life would be very dull without them.

Louise Williamson