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Southcoast Dog Training School

We cater for all, including puppies, juniors, adults, rescue and assistance dogs
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To us every dog is an individual

We cater for all, including puppies, juniors, adults, rescue and assistance dogs
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We follow a unique programme of reward based training

That makes the process fun, effective and educational for you and your dog

South Coast Dog Training School

Home of Puppy School Chichester

Kind and Gentle Dog Training for a loving family companion

Welcome to South Coast Dog Training school, formerly known as Puppy School Chichester. 

Puppy School Chichester started in 2013 and grew rapidly to more classes, more venues and a fantastic Team. 

Not only did it grow but we expanded to train dogs as well as puppies.

We now have 4 different training venues from halls to enclosed fields in different locations, training Chichester to Portsmouth offering daytime, evening and weekend classes.

Owner and Head Trainer - Louise Williamson

Owner and Head Trainer - Louise Williamson

"Having done the puppy school with my dog, I returned for the junior classes. Louise is really professional and supportive, giving each person individual attention and recommendations for any specific problems you're having. Highly recommended"


Why choose us?

To us, every dog is an individual and we cater for all, including puppies, juniors, adults, rescue and assistance dogs.

We run small classes, so our clients have a lot of individual attention. We are vet recommended and are a caring, friendly team.

Whether you are a family with children, a couple or an individual looking for a four-legged friend, getting a dog is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences.

However, we are not going to pretend that it is effortless or without significant commitment. It requires patience, training and building a bond with your dog.  That said, if you put in the training, you’ll lay boundaries and ground rules for a long and happy life with your friend.

What type of classes do we offer?

At South Coast Dog Training School we follow a unique programme of reward-based training that makes the process fun, effective and educational for you and your dog.

We enrol puppies onto Puppy School once they are fully vaccinated and safe to go on the ground which is up to the age of 20 weeks. At 21 weeks plus we offer a junior class for puppy graduates and dogs at similar age without any previous training as a mixed ability group ideal - this is a great class for rescues as well.

If you want to carry on training after this we offer Kennel Club Bronze, Silver and Gold, Scentwork UK, Loose Lead Walking and Recall workshops.

If you prefer we also offer one to one home visits, puppy packages and training walks.

Our Expert Team

Rest assured our Team are all highly skilled dog trainers, having attended Puppy School Training with a top behaviourist and author Gwen Bailey, we are also ABTC registered trainers as well. ABTC (The Animal Behaviour and Training Council) is the regulatory body of Animal Trainers and Behaviourists which sets and maintains the standards of knowledge and practical skills.

We never stop learning as life never stops teaching, and that's certainly true in the dog world. Over the year's dog training has changed for the better, research and science-based evidence show us reward-based force-free training is what we need to be doing with our dogs.  Our team use Positive reinforcement training using rewards such as treats, toys and voice praise - meaning happy dogs and happy owners!

To maintain our knowledge and skillset we ensure our team attend regular training conferences, seminars and workshops, The past few years we have attended Woof, Scentwork UK, Talking Dogs Scentwork, Gundog for Pet Dog trainers with Collette May, Puppy School Teenage Tearaway Course, APBC behaviour conference, Cognition skills and recall training with Kay Attwood and we have many more upcoming courses to attend.

We hope we can cater for you at one of our many training venues on your exciting journey with your loving companion, please do not hesitate to contact the Team for any further advice.

Please see the Terms and Conditions before booking a course.   

"A Dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than himself"

Louise Williamson Head Trainer

South Coast Dog Training School

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