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We offer Puppy School Classes for Puppies fully vaccinated and 20 weeks and under. Puppy School is a set of 6 weeks training classes lasting one hour. The comprehensive programme has been carefully designed to take you through all the obedience basics giving you a good foundation for life with your new puppy.

The puppy training exercises gradually progress from easy to more complex as the weeks go on. What we cover in class is come when called, sit, down and stand, lead walking, getting used to being handled and groomed, stay, settle, gentle, swap, meeting people and socialisation.

Our puppy classes include a class manual with all your class notes in.


Our Bronze course is a set of 6 weeks training classes lasting one hour, this course is for dog's over 21 weeks. The Bronze course covers basic obedience building up to Kennel Club Bronze award which includes Recall, lead walking, meet and greets, Door Manners, Health Checks and Grooming. We also cover focus and life skills exercises such as eye contact, 123, touch, middle, recall games, different lead walking techniques, emergency stop, mat work, leave it and each Bronze course is tailored to the group of dogs we are teaching.

After each class we send you class notes with handouts and your homework for that week.



Puppy School Sunday 16th June 4.30pm (no class 14th July but you still get your 6 weeks) FULL

Puppy School Sunday 1st September 4.30pm

Puppy School Sunday 13th October 4.30pm

Puppy School Sunday Sunday 24th November 4.30pm (closed for Christmas 29th December)

Puppy Classes Booking Link

Bronze Skills Sunday 16th June 5.30pm (no class 14th July but you still get your 6 weeks)

Bronze Skills Sunday 1st September 5.30pm

Bronze Skills Sunday 13th October 5.30pm

Bronze Skills Sunday 24th November 5.30pm (closed for Christmas Sunday 29th December)

Bronze Course's booking Link

Milton Village Hall, 182 Milton road, Southsea, Portsmouth PO48PR

Puppy School Monday 17th June 5.45pm

Puppy School Wednesday 10th July 7pm FULL

Puppy School Monday 29th July 5.45pm ( no class bank holiday Monday 26th and 9th September but you still get your 6 weeks)

Puppy School Wednesday 21st August 7pm

Puppy School Monday 23rd September 5.45pm

Puppy School Wednesday 9th October 7pm

Puppy Classes Booking Link

Bronze Skills Monday 17th June 6.45pm

Bronze Skills Wednesday 10th July 8pm

Bronze Skills Monday 29th July 6.45pm (no class Bank Holiday Monday 26th August and 9th September but you still get your 6 weeks)

Bronze Skills Wednesday 21st August 8pm

Bronze Skills Monday 23rd September 6.45pm

Bronze Skills Wednesday 9th October 8pm

Bronze and Silver Course's booking Link

Therapaws, Street end lane, Sidlesham PO207RG

Puppy School Wednesday 21st August 10am

Bronze Skills Wednesday 3rd July 11.15am (please note this course is only 5 weeks @ £68.00)

Bronze Skills Wednesday 21st August 11.15am

Puppy Classes Booking Link

Bronze Course's booking Link

Chidham and Hambrook Village Hall, Chidham Lane, Chichester PO188TL

Scent Class Tuesday's 7.30pm FULL

Advanced Class Tuesday's 6.30pm FULL

Southbourne Free Church, 21 The Drive, Southbourne, West Sussex PO108J

Puppy School Monday 8th July 6.30pm FULL

Puppy School Monday 19th August 6.30pm (please note no class bank holiday Monday 26thbut you still get your 6 weeks)

Puppy Classes Booking Link

Bronze Skills Monday 8th July 7.30pm

Bronze Skills Monday 19th August 7.30pm (no class bank holiday Monday 26th May but you still get your 6 weeks)

Bronze Course's booking Link


Advanced Classes working towards Kennel Club Bronze, Silver and Gold, these classes are designed for clients that have completed Bronze Skills and would like to take their training further. Classes are rolling classes and invoiced 6 weekly. If your interested in joining these classes please message Louise.

Therapaws, Street End Lane, Sidlesham, PO207RG

Gold Platinum class Tuesdays 10am FULL

Advanced Bronze Tuesdays 11.15am FULL

Gold Class Friday's 10am FULL

Gold class Friday's 11.15am FULL

Platinum class Wednesday's 2.30pm FULL

New Class Advanced Bronze Tuesday and Wednesday's 9am both FULL

5th Chichester Scout Hut, Whyke road, Chichester PO198HS

Silver/Assistance Dog class Sunday's 6.30pm FULL


Fun scent classes, searching different scents such as cloves, gun oil and money inside and outside at our Therapaws venue around the 5 acre site and surrounding areas.

Scent Class Wednesday's 12.30pm FULL

Scent Class Wednesday's 1.30pm FULL

Scent Class Tuesday's 1.15pm FULL

Scent Class Tuesday's 7.30pm FULL

Scent Class Sunday's 7.30pm FULL

I have been asked to put on another daytime Scent class at Therapaws if you are interested please let me know.


We also run 1-1's in the comfort of your own home, training walks or at one of our venues.  We charge £60.00 for a 1-1 including a write up afterwards and follow up call.

For further information please email

or call 07596 447721 and speak to Louise Williamson

We will then send out a 1-1 questionnaire to be filled in so we can get some further details and what you would like to work on.

WORKSHOPS, held at Therapaws, Street end Lane, Sidlesham PO207RG

Recall, learn the skills for a better recall Saturday June 8th 9.30am TBC

Introduction to Scentwork, learn the skills to transition your dog from food to a scent June 8th Saturday 11am TBC

Loose lead walking, learn the skills for better lead walking and happier walks together TBC

Workshop booking Link