Reward-based dog training & answering your questions with Charlie Gray of Ask Charlie
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Reward-based dog training & answering your questions with Charlie Gray of Ask Charlie

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of visiting Charlie Gray of Ask Charlie to answer questions from her audience and we chatted everything from barking at the door to scaring chickens!

Read the full blog and watch the YouTube video now.



This week is all about my six fabulous furry friends, ensuring their happiness and building that bond for life.

Of course, Lola, Florence and Lady Penelope have had many, many cameos on my YouTube channel, so if you love those videos you’re going to adore this one!

They even get their first ever taste of trick training! Depending on the pup, tricks can take a couple of weeks to action. However Florence performed the cutest rollover on her very first go and Penny followed up with a very elegant spin that could give Darcy Bussell a run for her money, not that I’m biased at all of course!!!

I get so many animal-related questions, especially regarding my horses and dogs. I thought it was about time the ladies of the house got their own devoted video, so I took some questions from you and brought in local dog training expert Louise Williamson of South Coast Dog Training School to really bring us up to speed.

We answered many of your questions, however, there were some better answered by Louise directly after a conversation devoted to your own dog’s individual mannerisms and behaviour, so if we didn’t manage to answer yours please do reach out to Louise.

It was fascinating to speak with Louise who has worked with dogs for 18 years, possesses tonnes of experience and is obviously a font of knowledge when it comes to giving your dogs the very best life. Some of the questions we answered were:

- How to stop a dog barking in the night
- How to ensure good recall
- How to stop pulling on the lead
- Tips for blending a new smaller dog into the family when there’s already a larger dog
- How to stop a dog barking at the door when the bell goes.
- How to stop a puppy nipping so it doesn’t turn into a biting dog
- How to deal with particularly needy pups
- Tips for older rescue dogs who are nervous
- How to stop a dog from jumping up
calming and comforting during storms and fireworks
- How to stop them chasing chickens!

We then moved on to talk about her six-week training classes, which are held across the south coast, plus what exactly happens during each class.

Aside from her group classes, Louise also offers one-to-ones should you wish to take part in bespoke time tailored especially for you and your best friend. These can be held in the comfort of your own home, or in a private paddock so you’ll get that undivided attention.

Louise also offers Scentwork UK classes, Recall Workshops, holds Social Walks and is about to launch a new service, her Pre-Puppy Package. The package features a home visit to advise on preparation, a personalised shopping list and she’ll even come shopping with you, should you wish! She really is a one-stop shop for all puppy and pooch needs, plus the dogs absolutely love it!

The main takeaway from my time with Louise is that it’s so important to have patience, be consistent, learn alongside your pup and most of all have fun with it. The time and effort you put in will reward them (and you!) with a kind, loving and happy companion for life.

Love, Charlie x