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Dog Theft - Reducing Risk


With the rise in demand for dogs and puppies the price of puppies has increased threefold. Consequently, the theft of dogs is rising as well. 

Below I’ve outlined some of the steps I will be taking to ensure my dogs, and any in my care, are kept as safe as possible. 

Don’t leave them unattended 

Dogs are easily stolen from outside shops, cars and gardens. I would seriously reconsider the use of dog doors/flaps. Keep them insight on walks, I.e. don’t let them go around corners ahead of you and really pay attention to them. 

Thieves are less likely to steal from a house as the law comes down harder on burglary. 

Stop over-socialising puppies 

They do not need to say hello to everyone and their mother. They really, really, really don’t. They need to learn manners and recall around people and dogs. You’re the owner, you’re the one we want them to be interested in. They need to say hello to selected people and be under control, not running away from you, while you inevitably call them, for them to have a fuss made over them by a randomer. Every time this happens they learn recall means running up to strangers. Let them say hello to the odd person while they are on a lead. 

Vary your walks and times 

Varying walks also has the added benefit of being much more exciting and enriching for your dog. Walking in open areas gives you a better view of your dog and anyone lurking around. 

Social media location 

Don’t post your location on groups or public accounts. The thieves are using social media to target individual dogs. 


Train recall when your dog is running towards people and dogs. Have them on a long line until you’ve nailed it. Think stranger danger. 

Over the last few days, I’ve had dogs follow me around because I’ve had picnic food inside a bag and 2 dogs basically get in my car. This isn’t cute or funny, it’s dangerous. You wouldn’t let your child do it - stranger danger people!


Tags and microchips are law, if your dog is stolen and then dumped somewhere you're more likely to get them back. 

None of these steps will guarantee your dogs safety but we want to make it as hard as possible. The more layers of security we have the better. 

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