Covid 19 and the changes to our business
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Covid 19 and the changes to our business

Covid 19, the changes

Wednesday 18th March after the announcement from the Government, social distancing and non essential business I decided to close our classes, even outside classes how could we keep our clients 2 metres away from each other the whole time.  

I personally was heart broken the business I built from scratch was now closed. It was worrying and not going to hide it. I cried most of the time as well. I did not know what to do.  I then realised the business was paused and not closed.

After 2 days Myself and Louise Yden made sure we contacted our current clients and told them the current situation. Everyone was brilliant and we set up facebook support groups and still to this day we are updating with videos and tips for training and how to keep your dog entertained during the lockdown and all the team are doing this.  I then contacted all our venues again. They were fantastic and will keep our spaces until we are ready to start again. I am still overwhelmed with support and looking forward to seeing our clients again.

What about puppies and new clients? Puppy School HQ had devised an online course, myself and Louise Yden trained up how to run virtual classes, sharing videos and coaching a class.  This was daunting and a new world for us as we always worked in a classroom or field. We then decided to offer these to our current clients who wanted support now. Although strange myself and Louise gave it go it was a huge success and between the both us are now running 10 classes this way a week.  We are also running a brand new class for new puppy owners starting next week. On top of this we are starting to run virtual 1-1's.

Most of our team have children including myself. Children that need home schooling so trying to juggle work/ children's life balance was essential.  Giving them a routine was virtual meaning I could do classes without interruption. So far so good, also getting them involved with our videos has helped.

What I have learnt I can't change anything, our health is more important than anything and staying home is the safest place for everyone.  I am very proud of all our essential key workers, including my hubby who is a train driver and my sister in law who is a nurse. I am still working my few hours at the Downland Veterinary group although not on the essential list, you will agree pets/dogs are a big part of our lives and vets need to stay open for emergencies.

I am so pleased we can support our clients and if you're reading this and didn't get an invite please let us know and we can add you to a support group, this includes a support group for new puppies as well.  Also new clients do not hesitate to contact us. We can help you, it may not be face to face but with the internet, we can support virtually, emails and by telephone.

I can't wait to see our clients face to face on the other side but the main thing is you all stay safe and healthy.

Even though stressed about money and work I have enjoyed the positives of Covid 19 I get to spend time with Dave, Lauren, Lauren and Isla, I get to walk my own dogs, Cheryl walks them as I am normally at work and last but not least I have slowed down which I have been meaning to do for ages.

Take care everyone and stay safe

Louise Williamson